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18th-Nov-2017 10:36 pm(no subject)
A friend become so emotionally distressed after breaking up with a guy she slept with that she couldn't drive.

A friend who slept with a guy who said he'd "sleep with anyone who wasn't five hundred pounds", & was then upset that he was just using her as a fuck buddy. Then she hopped across state lines to sleep with a girl who she's interacted with in person for a total of about a month & then couldn't understand why things completely fell apart in about three months' time. Even after all this, she claimed that moving fast made her relationships more secure, so she slept with a guy who was coming from out of the country for school, found out she wanted little if anything to do with him, but wound up pregnant.

A family member slept with her boyfriend who couldn't handle being apart for more than 24 hours & was shocked when the relationship became heavily focused on sex. They broke up & he was an emotional mess, but they decided to be fuck buddies. That eventually ended & now they are hardly even friends.

A coworker was used for housing & food by two different guys she slept with within weeks of meeting them.

A couple slept with another woman who then wound up pregnant, had the baby, & left him with them when she left the country.

A couple agreed to allow each other to sleep with other people. He moved in with another woman & divorced the wife.

I'm told these are healthy, positive relationships. If that's true, I don't want to ever date.
11th-Jun-2017 11:08 pm(no subject)
You banded together to engage in a community that disparaged anyone who spoke against the "no one ever gets hurt when they do whatever with whoever whenever wherever" beliefs that you encouraged... yet what you wrote in your own journals show that those beliefs consistently caused pain.

I wish you'd admit it & apologize.
20th-Jan-2017 08:54 pm(no subject)
"That's great... for you..." is one of the most horribly dismissive things you can say to someone.
1st-Dec-2016 07:57 pm(no subject)
It's been a long time, but I appreciate that you came into an online community I had joined for support & told me that I that I just picked lousy friends in real life.

Because I think you were right.

Because good friends don't expect you to just sit back silently while they repeatedly & continuously make the same emotionally, mentally, & physically self-destructive choices & then help them clean up the wreckage & tell them they didn't do anything wrong so that they can turn around & start the cycle again. And that's what my friends wanted.

So thank you.
14th-Aug-2016 09:39 pm(no subject)
It is so discouraging that the world has decided that it is better to support casual sex and open relationships and no longer encourage monogamy and waiting for the promise of trying for a lifelong committed relationship.
6th-Sep-2015 11:04 pm(no subject)
i wish somebody would pull my body apart
30th-Aug-2015 04:09 pm(no subject)
I am a mess.

But I am tidier than I was.
16th-Aug-2015 11:07 pm(no subject)
Truly, you are gone from me. I am fine. I am breathing. I am flourishing.
13th-Aug-2015 08:39 pm(no subject)
I have closed the door.
10th-Aug-2015 05:09 pm(no subject)
When do you know when it is time to shut the door? When your house has flooded to the second floor? When you've scrambled up top of a dresser and are sitting there with your arms around your knees, trembling?

Some things can come into your life with so much flavor and so many nutrients. If it spoils, it won't be good for you no matter how you try to ingest it. You will have a bad taste in your mouth. It will wake you in the middle of the night, ill. Sick to your stomach.

Does this remind you of a relationship you have? The longer you wait to close it, the harder it will be to get there. The more you will struggle to dive down there to shut it, the more you will struggle to clean up the remnants.
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